Record Books

All Exhibitors MUST present a completed Record Book in order to show and sell their animal. Exhibitors are required to fill out a Summary Sheet provided in the Record Book. It will have the same information on it that you use on your Stall Card.  For chickens the cost for all five animals should be included in the record book.


Record Books are required and due at 8 pm on Thursday. You must use the Puget Sound Jr. Livestock Show Official Record Book or the AET Record Book, single experience report for your project and the AET Record Book pages from the website, Judging of the books will be based on the Judging Sheet in the book.


Record Books are available by contacting the Superintendent, the show Secretary/Treasurer or on-line at


The purpose of the Record Book is to encourage record keeping, to know if the project is profitable, to know the weight gained and the cost per pound of gain and other information that teaches you to use good records in your management decisions. Record Books are to contain only information requested and are to be presented in the cover provided by the show. No extra covers/binders please!


Awards will be given in each division based on the score sheet.